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A few years ago I went on a company site inspection with S.I.S (Strategic Incentive Solutions) to St. Pete’s/Clearwater, Florida. The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) hosted a top-notch site inspection for the entire S.I.S. staff for two nights, three days, that featured four fabulous luxury hotels and several exciting points of interest.

Having visited Florida many, many times over the years I’ll admit I had a preconceived notion that this particular area was primarily geared to geriatrics and snow-birders. As a child, my family and I used to frequent the area just to the south of St. Pete’s/Clearwater in our motor home, but I wasn’t as familiar with the town itself as I thought.

St. Pete’s/Clearwater is a bustling, upscale destination boasting some of the travel industry’s top luxury hotels. Facing pristine wide beaches are some of the most beautiful hotels I’ve had the pleasure to visit. With soft white sands underfoot, shore birds, and pelicans wheeling overhead, and the warm gulf coast surf lapping at my cold Canadian toes, I was enchanted.

On arrival we were met by Suzanne and Tina, our two escorts from the local CVB, who drove us to our host hotel, The Sandpearl. From the moment we exited the rental cars, our group was warmly welcomed by the sales manager, Wendy. After a quick change and freshen up, we were back in the car for a short 15 minute drive to meet Winter, the dolphin, at the nearby Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter and her friends became the heroes of a much loved, family-friendly film, Dolphin Tale, a movie I’ve enjoyed watching since my return home.

Winter the dolphin

For the next few hours we were given a personal tour by guide, John, who filled us in on all the small details we would have missed otherwise, and told us the heart-breaking story of Winter the dolphin. Winter was rescued from Mosquito Lagoon, near Cape Canaveral. At only two months old, she became wrapped up in a crab trap line, where her tail flukes lost circulation due to the lines. Overcoming extreme odds against survival, and after many trials of outfitting her with a new prosthetic tail, Winter made a tremendous recovery, proving she could overcome anything, and thrive. Once word got out about Winter’s prosthetic tail, people with varying degrees of their own disabilities began showing up at the Aquarium to see this miracle dolphin for themselves, and came away inspired to tackle their own personal challenges with renewed hope.

John told us many stories of marine wildlife in desperate need of the aquarium’s unique services, and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the passion, vision, and goals of this small facility and those who worked there. We were constantly reminded that, while open to the public, this is no tourist “show”. This is a working rescue, rehab, and release facility that helps the area’s marine life survive the sometimes brutal encounters with humans and other catastrophes. After the success of A Dolphin Tale, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium saw a tremendous influx of visitors, and much needed revenue. Although I haven’t been back since the new aquarium opened in 2011, I definitely want to return to see how they’re doing and the changes they’ve been able to make!

My personal take-aways from that trip were reminders not to prejudge an area. The hidden gems and less-known are often the very best experiences of an entire trip. Even though I know Florida fairly well, and I’m sure much has changed again since I last visited the area several years ago, I have a much deeper appreciation for the people who call this beautiful destination, home. They care about the land, beaches, and animals that share the waters and beaches we visitors take for granted. From the hotel staff who do their utmost to make a visitor’s stay memorable, to the guides who feel a real connection to the causes they believe in, it’s all about sharing a little of what they have with others. For those of us fortunate enough to visit and listen, sometimes the valuable take-away is the education we receive about the real threats humans pose to the environment and animals of this planet. It’s these kinds of experiences that stay with me for years after I’ve returned home, and remind me to pay attention to where I put trash, to respect the beauty of the places I visit, but also be mindful of the damage I might unconsciously do just by being there. Animals like Winter remind me that life is to be lived, and when we co-operate, great things can happen.

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