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Travel. Even the word sends excitement coursing through the veins of those who, like me and my husband, Wayne, enjoy the prospect of embarking on a new journey. Experiencing new places, meeting new people, and discovering exciting new things to do is one of the things that makes us tick. Personally, I love learning the why behind travel; why do we travel, why do we seek new vistas, adventures, and connections, and so many other questions.

The new trend of “experiential travel” is becoming a hot topic in the hospitality, incentive, and travel industry, but some aren’t sure what experiential travel is. Through my work with a full-service rewards and incentive travel company that caters to their many top-tier clients, my understanding is that it is any travel that incorporates adventure, personal growth and wellness, and experiences outside the norm of daily living. Think zip lining, swimming with dolphins (or sharks), hot air balloon rides, culinary or artistic instruction classes, team building exercises, midnight horseback rides on a ranch, attending a world-class sporting event with VIP positioning, standing on the edge of a continent and looking across the ocean to an incredible vastness of water – in effect, anything that makes the heart skip a beat, or enriches the life experience of the traveler.

Experiential travel is also something that travel, venue, and destination hosts acknowledge as being on the top list of needs and wants for today’s traveler. Although many people just want a quiet beach or pool and fruity alcoholic beverage, along with complete relaxation, even more people are seeking to do something new and exciting. They want to get out and connect with the locals, try something new, contribute and/or learn about the local culture in some special way. In fact, many travelers are seeking to connect to that part of themselves that recognizes that this planet we share is a magical and special place. Whether they seek to get back to nature, or source adventures from the safety of their luxury resort, it’s all about experiencing as much as we can about what life has to offer. It’s about opening up and tapping into potentially new awareness. It’s about the take-aways that last a life time.

I know for us, when we get away from home and travel, while we certainly enjoy, and need, the relaxing days by a pool or beach, after a few days, we’re anxious to do and see something new. Neither of us wants to leave this world thinking, I should have… I know we can’t see and do everything we’d like to. We have neither the financial resources or physical ability to do so, but if we can get to experience a few things outside our everyday life, I think we’ll count ourselves blessed.

I’m excited to begin delving into the places both near and far that offer unique opportunities, and I know my husband, Wayne, is too. As part of the process, I’ll be interviewing the providers, event planners, and hosts to learn as much as I can about this growing travel trend, while Wayne will take many of the photographs we’ll use in this blog and social media sites to enhance and showcase what we uncover. I’m not a kid anymore, and neither is Wayne, and we’re definitely not as agile as we used to be, but we can share the information we learn along the way about the who, what, where, when, and perhaps, even some of the why of what’s available in experiential travel.

We welcome comments on adventures and experiences readers have had that they’d like to share, but be prepared to tell us where, and why you went. We also welcome other travel writers, venues, DMCs, experiential providers and hosts, etc. to comment or contact me directly via email at mcclure.d@hotmail.com to arrange an interview and site visit, or to share your stories with our readers here and on my social media posts. For us, it’s all about spreading the word with others.

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