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Cover InThe Spirit Of Forgiveness

Cover InThe Spirit Of Forgiveness

This is a short, but sweet, post. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my second book, In The Spirit Of Forgiveness, is now available on Amazon, Smashwords, and OmniLit. Additional e-venues will be announced as they become available. We are working diligently to have it available ASAP on B&N (Nook), and Kobo (Book One is already available on Kobo here, and B&N here), so do keep checking back often for updates. If you purchase an e-book copy and would like to have it autographed, you can do that here.


For those who prefer to have a paperback copy, you can also order a print version of Forgiveness via the Amazon page (In The Spirit Of Love is currently already print enabled on Amazon), and we are working diligently to get this function up and running, so again, check back often. You can also order directly through me by sending me an email request on my website at www.damcclure.com.

I’m also excited to share that I’ll be doing another podcast interview with Eat, Sleep, Write’s host, Adam Scull on Friday, June 13th – no this is NOT bad luck! Once it is scheduled to go live, I’ll post the information and link here and on my Facebook and Twitter @debbiemcclure59 pages. If you’d like to listen to my previous two podcast author interviews, please check them out here, and here (this one was an exciting paranormal mystery roundtable author interview with me, USA Today’s bestselling author Tonya Kappes, and UK’s bestseller Karen Perkins).


Here’s the exciting blurb to In The Spirit Of Forgivness, the new much anticipated novel, the sequel to In The Spirit Of Love:


Death can hold as many uncertainties as life.

Destiny brought them together, but greed could tear them apart. In England for a much-deserved vacation, Claire Jacobs has fallen in love. However, fate has played a cruel trick on Claire, and now a mystery more than a hundred years old could take her happiness, as well as her life.

Sir Richard Abbottsford, of England’s grand Kent Estate, has finally reunited with his true love. He never imagined it would take more than a century for that to happen. But the past and present are intricately entwined, and as the lovers soon discover, sometimes even death is not an end.

As Claire and Richard struggle to adjust to the obstacles of their unique relationship, they are forced to deal with a vengeful foe determined to put an end to them both—forever. Time has kept the mystery of Sir Richard’s death tightly shrouded, but the heart has a way of overcoming even the most impossible. A little magic can’t hurt either.

Loving a ghost isn’t easy.

Oh, and please remember to leave a comment here, or after reading ANY book you’ve really enjoyed, consider posting a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads! This is incredibly important to authors, and please believe me, we read every single one of them. They are what gives us the support to keep doing what we’re doing. Your words to us are as valueable as ours are to you.
Thank you,

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Modern Technology

Modern Technology

I’d never heard of Podcasting, and YouTube was something I watched, but didn’t really understand. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m no techie. I say it all the time, and it’s true. My hubby is my go-to guy for all things technical, from the computer, television, to the family car. Needless to say, when I was contacted by Adam Scull, the host of the Eat, Sleep, Write, a podcast dedicated to writers and readers, I had to ask the question, “What’s a podcast?”.  Adam went on to explain that a podcast is essentially similar to a radio broadcast, except the podcast is done via Skype and sent over the internet. Once live, it can be downloaded directly from his website, iTunes, or a host of other sites ESW is featured on. I was intrigued and excited to participate, but nervous too.

That initial contact resulted in me once again stepping outside my comfort zone. I’ve talked about this before, and as the old adage warns, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. So, I was ready to veture forth yet again and try out this podcasting thing.

To prepare, I listened to about three or four different podcasts with other writers, I wrote down some of the questions I heard Adam ask others, and in addition to the few questions he asked me to provide him, compiled a few answers. Yep, I’m a planner and researcher. I don’t like going into things blind, so I prepare as much as possible. When it came time to record the podcast, I’d already had a brief testing with Adam via Skype, which went a long way to easing my anxieties about putting myself, and my voice, out there. We chatted about how the interview would go, and generally got to know each other a little better.

On The Air

On The Air

The morning of the taping, I took Adam’s suggestion and “dressed for radio”, which means dressing for business, even though I knew no one other than Adam would actually see me. I already knew that being in the right state of mind often includes looking the part, smiling into the phone, or in this case, the microphone and computer screen, and relaxing. It went remarkably easy and I found the whole experience fun and exciting. It took Adam about a week to edit the podcast and download it to go live. I gotta tell you, when he emailed me to say our session was now live on the website and iTunes, I was nervous as heck. I’ve heard my voice on family video recordings, and never like the sound of it – it doesn’t sound like I hear it in my own head, but I hear that’s normal.

We happened to be visiting my son and his girlfriend, so they listened to the podcast with me and my husband. At the end, my son looked at me and said, “Wow mom, you sounded pretty good!” I was relieved, giddy, and excited, although I still didn’t like the sound of my own voice. I honestly don’t think I really took in much of anything, other than listening to make sure I didn’t sound completely ridiculous. In the end, I was pleased with the finished product, and was proud of myself for having taken another step outside that comfort zone.

When Adam asked me to facilitate a  second podcast that would be a roundtable discussion with two other writers in the paranormal mystery genre of my choosing, I was thrilled. This would be even more fun, since I’d get a chance to introduce a couple of other writers I’d been followng on social media for several months. I felt both women would be great additions to the discussion, and chose to reach out to Karen Perkins of LionheART Galleries in the UK, and Tonya Kappes in the US. My thinking was to introduce a “global village” aspect, with writers from three separate countries who are all writing in the same genre, but with vastly different takes on what that means.

Last Thursday, August 8th we “met” on Skype for the first time for the podcast taping with Adam. Once again he made everyone feel relaxed and at ease with the questions he lobbed at us, encouraging us to interact. It was fun, informative, and another great experience for us all. Of course this podcasting thing is also a fantastic marketing and promo vehicle for each of us, and I believe helps in our individual branding. There is talk that that last podcast may be done as a YouTube video as well, depending on how the finished product looks, but even as an audio podcast, I’d be more than happy. Of course if he uses the video, there’s the personal anxiety of how I look, not just sound, to the general public, but I felt it was a great success and so did Karen and Tonya. Apparently Adam thought so too, since he invited us all back for a second roundtable discussion on a date tbd in October, 2013, with new topics. It certainly didn’t take any cajoling to convince the three of us to agree to participate.



To me, the podcasting/iTunes/YouTube thing I embarked on wasn’t just about marketing and promotion, although of course that’s a large component. It’s also about connecting with readers on a different level, branding, and also about reaching out to other writers and inviting them in to participate. It’s about sharing the experiences and learning from one another. That’s one of those bonuses we so seldom get to see, but can create, if we choose.  It’s also about extending yourself and accepting new challenges. From these two recent experiences I’ve learned that I enjoy public speaking, that others who’ve listened to the first taping enjoy it, and that I have a lot to learn from others, like Karen, Tonya and Adam, who are walking the same road I am. I like that.

If you get a chance, please do pop over to www.eatsleepwrite.net and/or iTunes to check out the podcasts and other great information Adam is sharing there, then take a few more moments and leave comments and share the information with your own circles of people who might be interested in these podcasts. For my own direct podcast, go to my website at www.damcclure.com and click on the “Author Podcast Interview” link.

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So, now that I’ve written and had my first book published, drank the congratulatory champagne and danced the victory dance, I’m left to wonder, now what?

Of course I have the WIP to continue, which is work enough, but what about getting the word out there about my book. I mean, much as I’m thrilled with the response from family and friends (and I definitely am), there’s the whole wide world I need to reach out to now. Separate and apart from the writing is the marketing and promotion, a beast unto itself.

Before the release of my book, I did invest quite a bit of time investigating websites, becoming proactive in social networking via FaceBook, but what about Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest? What about requesting honest reviews of readers and asking them to post them on sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and so on? What about face-to-face appearances, readings and book signings?

Whoa, this is starting to look like a TON of work, and it is. I read a while back that book marketing and promotion can take up considerable time for an author, because he/she needs to reach out to readers to let them know their book is available for sale. Not only that, but as an author, you want the feedback. ‘Am I on the right track?’ ‘Do people like and respond to my story and characters?’ ‘Do they like me?’

And so it goes. As I mentioned before, writing is a lot like life, and the similarities continue to intrigue me. In order to do well in this world, we need to be willing to risk something of ourselves. We need to be willing to invest in ourselves and trust that at least some others will respond positively to our efforts. Otherwise, why bother? Why put ourselves through the pain and anguish of exposing our deepest hopes and dreams?

storytellingIt’s because we believe we have some talent for storytelling. We believe we have something of value for others to relate to, even if only for entertainment sake. We strike out on this lonely path, and along the way, if we’re lucky, we meet others whose paths merge or intersect with ours. We realize we are not alone, and that they too share the dream. Authors come together, sometimes loosely, and sometimes very tightly knit, to support and encourage.

Ah, but when the reader reaches back and gives praise or useful comment, the writer is blessed. They are validated. They have been heard. The fact that another person has invested his/her time and hard-earned money to purchase your book resonates in a special place within the writer’s heart. It is a warm, sunny space.

 But how to reach the reader, and how to connect with other writers? In my opinion, one step at a time. I recommend researching the options and trying the ones that seem to connect with you. On-line networking has become globally massive, with the potential to connect with more people than ever before, but you have to be willing to participate, and participate with care and professionalism. Still, what works well for one writer may not suit the personality of another, but make no mistake, EVERY writer must put themselves out there and connect on some level.  Even the long-held masters of the craft can’t expect to sit in their writing caves and ignore the outside world for long. Yes, the Work In Progress (WIP) is of paramount importance, but so too is connecting with your audience. Agents and publicity people notwithstanding, readers love to hear from the author directly. They love to ask those burning questions and know that the writer is human.

Now I’m such a newbie, I had no idea how to go about things like press releases and book tours, but I did compose a press release and sent it out to many of the local newspapers. A week ago I was contacted by one of the larger ones and asked if I’d be interested in an interview. Are you kidding me? I was ecstatic! One week to the date of the interview, I purchased several copies of that newspaper and there it was – the cover art of my book, my photo, and the article. A half-page of information about me and my work shone back at me. I learned something from that exercise; ask and ye shall receive. Keep quiet, and no one knows you have something to share.

Another example of something that always works well is word of mouth. When my daughter talked to her local librarian last week, she mentioned my book. The librarian was quite interested in learning of this new (local) author and asked my daughter to have me stop in at the branch and bring along a copy of my book. I was thrilled at the opportunity. It’s no surprise that librarians love and support books, so this was an ideal fit. I had ordered fifty-five copies of my book to sell to family and friends who had asked for a signed copy. Now this librarian said she’d like to purchase and read it. It doesn’t get better than that. A complete stranger wants to read your book and possibly recommend it to others who trust her judgement.

Librarians Rock!

Librarians Rock!

After meeting that first librarian, I then gathered up the courage to contact another librarian at a separate branch and ask if she’d be interested as well. Well lo and behold, that gracious lady immediately jumped on board, asking me to bring her five copies of my book to distribute to other county branches in her area! We chatted when I brought in my books and she asked if I would consider doing a chapter reading, Q & A, and book signing in the Spring. You bet I would!

And so it begins. I’ve now begun contacting the local libraries (we have a lot of them), and have been thrilled with the response. In two days I pre-booked two book readings and sold eight books to libraries. Even though my books are primarily available on e-readers and e-devices, I was pleased to learn that libraries not only promote this venue, but assist patrons with selecting and downloading books they’re interested in. One of our small libraries actually has three e-readers available for loan, to be signed out on a two week basis and returned, exactly like a book! Now that’s being proactive.

As I continue working and networking, I find I’m meeting some amazing people, and I’m learning new things every day. The first draft WIP is almost complete, as I now have people continually asking when the sequel going to be ready. Kind of lights a fire under the butt when you have people clamouring for your next work.

For now I’ll keep working and learning as I go, growing my base and putting down roots. What I know for sure is that this writing gig is what I was meant to do. At long last, after a lifetime of trials and errors, of mountains and valleys, I’ve found something that fills a part of my soul I hadn’t even realized was there. What more could I ask?

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